Build in Public Logs

Build in Public Logs

Follow the journey as Molly Retter builds the Goblin app in public via Twitter, Flow Club, and this blog.

September 2022 Updates

Goblin App Changelog
Table of Contents * September 30, 2022 - Community-centric profiles pilot * September 27, 2022 - Simplify registration/onboarding process & fix nickname bug * September 21, 2022 - Reset password and confirm email address emails * September 20, 2022 - Links to view old mission logs & second miss…
Sept 2022 Changelog

See these blog posts for traction & financial updates

Goblin: turn & face the change (tldr: be brave)
Hi friend! It’s been a minute since I updated everyone. I hope you’re doing great. I’m SO GLAD that the weather is cooling down. I’m so excited about fall--I’m unapologetically doing pumpkin spice face masks and drinking spiced cider teas over here. I tweaked my neck last week and couldn’t
Sep 27, 2022 build in public update
Goblin: why I fear the Duolingo owl, build in public (honestly), and mad libs
Hi friends! I can’t believe it’s only been 8 days since the MVP went live for Founding Goblins. I’ve felt lots of things since then: panic, joy, appreciation, overwhelm, happiness, and everything in between. There are a handful of people that have been using the app daily since it went
Sep 9, 2022 build in public update
Goblin: whimsy & progress 🎉
Hi friends! Things have been picking up a lot since my last update. Here’s the nitty gritty for those curious about the numbers. Build In Public Update 8/12/229/2/22Growth in 21 DaysNotes2022 goal$1k/month in monthly recurring revenueTRACTIONPaid waitlist sign ups:1949158% increaseNewsletter sig…
September 1, 2022 build in public update

Goblin app went into public beta with ~50 paid signup Founding Goblins

Marketing website Sept

August 2022


[X] MVP live for Founding Goblins by 8/31 [was 1 day late on this :]

[  ] Apply to Scale Incubator

[  ] Start a draft of preseed pitch memo

2/4 Send 4 Friday newsletter updates

7/7 Get up to 20 Founding Goblins (7+ more) - surpassed this!

August 12, 2022 Update

2022 goals
$1k/month in monthly recurring revenue
Paid waitlist sign ups:19
Newsletter sign ups:82
Twitter followers:791Created my Twitter at the end of May 2022.
Personal cash invested$1,204.00
Gross revenue$90.00
Domains$29.98Name Cheap & Google Domains servers$25.00I love Fly so far--it was really fast and easy to deploy my Elixir/Phoenix app
Stripe Fees$8.15Processing fees
Stripe Climate Donations$0.901% to climate change
OpenPhone$75.92Business phone number
Great Founders Write Cohort$79.00Fee for 1 month writing cohort.
Coworkerhers$120.00Mailing address & in person coworking fee
Flow Club$80.00Remote coworking--I use this every day!
Fiverr$132.97This is for 6 purchases on Fiverr
Ghost Blog$22.00Ghost hosts my blog and newsletter
Formation Costs
(DE filing fees & registered agent)
$382.00This is cheap--I did the formation myself with @cooleygo docs because I used to be a startup paralegal. This would usually cost like $3-5k depending on your situation.
Google Suite$50.322 email addresses
Canva$72.00This was for a ton of stickers
Notion$44.00Ended up getting a $1k Notion credit thru Mercury so don't pay for this anymore
2022 Total Spent:$1,122.24
2022 Total Earned:$90.00
Gross Profit:-$1,032.24

July 2022

Founding Goblins

  • I'm sending doodles, poems, and stickers (it's the 3 on the bottom) to my founding goblins! It's $5 to sign up. You'll also get 50% off public pricing for 2 years, 2 months free, and VIP support.

V1 of Marketing Site

June 2022

  • My first month as a full-time founder!
  • I joined Flow Club. It gave me community, support, and structure. I'm so happy I found it.
  • I was focused on building a Jira/Linear replacement at this time, but that's since evolved to an Asana/ClickUp model where you can get personal stuff done and I'm going to add on team communication and alignment in the future.
  • I interviewed a lot of potential users, researched, wrote MVP requirements, and started coding a bit in Phoenix and Elixir.
  • I joined the first Great Founders Write cohort to help keep me accountable with posting on my blog. I met SO many cool people and got great feedback on my writing.

Blog posts written during the cohort:

May 2022

  • This was the last month at my full-time job as a backend engineer. I had tried interviewing to work at other startups but I was seeing the same red flags in interviews that had made my previous jobs toxic so I started thinking about doing my own thing.
  • I joined Twitter at the end of May! Twitter has been huge for me as a founder--I've met so many incredible founders, coders, friends, investors, and all around awesome people on there. I've received a ton of help and support through Twitter. It gives me hope for the future of tech & future of work/life.