Goblin App Changelog

Goblin App Changelog

January 11,  2022

  • Changed the background on tasks when they're completed so you can easily differentiate what's been completed already
The completed task now has a white/green background with strikethrough text
  • Fixed the "Plan" page so it looks better on larger screens
The buttons for each task now show up to the right of the task on larger screens (instead of underneath the task)

January 9,  2022

  • Updates to the dashboard to simplify and add help text
Revised home page
  • New page called "Plan Your Day" and corresponding "Plan" link in the nav
Revised "plan your day" page

December 17,  2022

  • New "Game" link in nav where you can: 1) play Daily Mini Game, 2) purchase a pet for 7 snails, and 3) see all the Treasures you've earned
  • Better odds of getting snails on the Daily Mini Game (the people want 🐌s!)
  • If you purchase a pet with snails, it will now appear on the dashboard above your last treasure

December 15,  2022

  • New privacy policy and terms of service dated December 15, 2022 are in the footer on every page
  • On registration and login, the user sees an acknowledgment of the terms & privacy policy

December 2,  2022

  • Switches Hype Goblin greeting to use OpenAI API generated greetings

November 30,  2022

  • Changes Goals to Missions
  • If a user is logged in and they go to goblinapp.com, redirect them to the home dashboard
  • Gets rid of shopping list page
  • Updates onboarding to have more information and instructions
  • Fixes state bug where sidequests reverted to old state if a browser tab was open for a long time

November 22,  2022

  • Refactored user treasures code
  • Added instagram to footer
  • Adds a "Manage Billing" link to Stripe portal on Settings page for paid subscribers.

November 21,  2022

  • Daily mini games: each day, your hype goblin will prompt you to play the game. There are 3 different surprises you might win. Come back each day to see what you get.

November 16,  2022

  • Added a background to all pages with a cute praying mantis 🦗
  • Added copy on marketing site to explain what Goblin does
the mantis lurks

November 15,  2022

  • Updated styles on dashboard
  • New "today" filter that shows: 1) tasks you selected to work on today, and 2) any tasks you completed today
  • Added a "Plan your day" link in the top right of the task list. Click that link to quickly select what tasks you want to work on today.
dashboard with style changes, plan your day link, and new "today" filter
This is the "Plan your day" mode

November 11,  2022

  • There are now more filters on the task table. Previously there was only "completed" but now there is also "active", "urgent", and "joyful".

November 10, 2022

  • Onboarding has been completely redone to help you get set up in Goblin faster
  • Missions have been removed--these will be replaced by simpler mini mad libs
  • If you're logged in, you'll now see a "Support Goblin" link at the bottom where you can subscribe for $5/month
New onboarding page!
"Support Goblin" link at the bottom that takes you to Stripe (currently $5/month for founding Goblins)

November 9, 2022

  • Top nav has been updated to be more consistent and less confusing
  • It's now super fast to add new tasks. Type in the task, hit enter, then you can type a new one. If you want to edit the task, mark it urgent/joyful, or associate with a goal, click the edit icon on that task.
  • When you level up, you get a new treasure that's pinned on the left side of the screen.
  • Missions are being slowly phased out in favor of a new mini-mad libs format (coming soon).
Revised dashboard & nav

November 7, 2022

  • Category no longer required when you create a sidequest
  • Quickly add new sidequests by typing in the "Add New Sidequest" field and hitting enter

October 20, 2022

  • Marketing site overhaul to clarify Goblin's mission and vision
  • Goblin is now laser focused on being a fun, whimsical reminder app that helps you declutter your brain

October 1, 2022

September 30, 2022

  • I really wanted a profile that showed all the cool communities I'm in so I made a quick one for myself--trying to gauge interest before I make it a "real" feature.

September 27, 2022

  • Fix bug where you couldn't have the same nickname as other users

September 21, 2022

  • Added 2 "transactional" emails for resetting password and confirming your email address when you sign up or update your email address.
Cute bunny gif here: https://app.usebubbles.com/mm3REtnMPAimR5BsbrAErd/confirm-your-email

September 20, 2022

  • Small updates: 1) There is now a Mission link on the home page to jump down to the Mission (if you have a lot of sidequests it gets pushed down pretty far on the page). 2) There are also links to view old mission logs in the Mission section now.
  • Mission Gnomemode logs are updated. This is the second mission that everyone does; you'll see the logs when you finish your mission tasks.  Note that you can only finish a mission every 7 days so the "Wrap Up" button doesn't appear until 7 days have passed from the start date of the mission.
The Mission Log is a mad libs composed story about you completing your tasks and learning stuff along the way.

September 18, 2022

  • New Feature: Goals! You can now add your top goal and it will show up on the top of the Goblin app where you'll see it every day to keep it top of mind. You can also associate Sidequests and Mission Tasks with the goal and they'll show up on the Goal page.
Before you set a goal, you'll see "Click here to set your goal". When you click on it, it shows you this Goals page.
Once your goal is set, you can edit tasks/sidequests to associate them with the goal. They show up on the Goals page which you can access by clicking on your goal.
After you set a goal, you'll see it on the top of every page and you can click on the goal to edit it or see related tasks.

  • New Feature: Editing any task! Before you could edit the Mission Tasks, but not Sidequests. Now you can click ✍️ to edit your Sidequests.
There's now an "Edit" button ✍️ for all sidequests.

  • Layout Updates: The app should be more usable now on smaller screens (e.g. Macbook Air) and the top and bottom navs have been updated.
reduced the whitespace towards the top and left/right so that more content would show up on smaller laptops
new footer!
The Mission Logs have been updated so they're easier to read.


September 12, 2022

  • New Logo: My spouse was inspired to create a new logo for Goblin--I'm super excited about it!

  • Bug Fix: When you are creating a sidequest and enter a task name and check the box to save it as a quick add template, but don't add a category, it will show an error for missing category but also deletes the task name.
"Water houseplants" was disappearing before but it's fixed now

  • Bug Fix: On the Shopping List, if you marked an item as purchased, it would properly move to "purchased items", but if you refreshed it would be gone.
After you marked "Vacuum cleaner" as purchased, it was properly moved to Already Bought list
If you refreshed the page or looked later on, Vacuum Cleaner disappeared

  • Bug Fix: A couple users reported seeing "Internal Server Error" when creating a mission. This was due to required fields not being filled in. These fields have been marked required and now the appropriate error shows if they're not filled in.
Shows a helpful error now instead of the blank page with "Internal Server Error"

  • Mission Task Updates: You can now edit your mission tasks! You can change the task name, add notes to your task, and if you've already marked it done you can mark it as incomplete. This will affect your gems by -25 so proceed with caution.
New "Edit Task" link on Mission Tasks
Clicking "Edit Task" leads you to this page where you can edit the task name and category, add notes, mark incomplete (this only shows up if task is complete already), and change urgent/joy flags.

  • Sidequest Updates: Completed and draft Sidequests are now hidden by default and there are links to show them. You can also archive a completed sidequest if you want to keep your gems/stats intact but reduce your "completed" list.
I was hearing that the layout was too cluttered, so Drafts and Completed Sidequests are now hidden by default and there are "Show Drafts" and "Show Completed" links at the bottom of the Sidequests container.
This is what it looks like when Drafts and Completed are both open.

Thanks for reading!

September 9, 2022

Mission Logs & Report

  • Finished up "Mission Logs" feature. When you finish your 2 mission tasks and at least 7 days have passed, you'll see a "wrap up mission" button at the top of your dashboard. It takes a few minutes to wrap up the mission, then you see the Mission Log (which is a wild mad libs story telling of your mission) and a Mission Report, which includes statistics on the sidequests you completed during the mission.
  • NOTE: the third photo is kinda a spoiler so don't look if you want to be completely surprised when you wrap up your first mission.
If you've finished your 2 mission tasks and it has been at least 7 days, you'll see this orange button appear
+25 gems for wrapping up your mission
Preview of Mission Logs & Report

September 7, 2022

  • Home layout updates: moved Add New Sidequests and Mission section to the left column before the Hype Goblin so you can still see them as you add more Sidequests.
  • Updated "Add new tasks" heading to "Add new sidequests" for clarity.
  • Moved Shopping List link into top nav.

September 6, 2022

  • Added "Shopping List" as a life admin feature so you can keep track of stuff you need/want to buy

September 5, 2022

  • Major UX overhaul of home page, onboarding page, and wrap up mission page. Lots of style changes.
  • Allow tasks to be marked as "incomplete"
  • Allow tasks to be converted to drafts
  • Allow deletion of completed tasks (which updates your gems -5 as well)
  • Removed "Notes" section and updated New Tasks form with "draft" language instead
  • Make "Gremlins" section in onboarding optional

September 1, 2022

  • Initial release of MVP for Founding Goblins
so much whitespace haha (i coded it mobile-first and you can tell)