Creator Scaries

Creator Scaries

Creating something and sharing it with others terrifies me.

Whether it's a short story, a tweet, a beer I brewed, a painting, or an app that I've made, it feels the same. Before I share it, I harness a bit of boldness, mentally arm myself with confidence and thick skin, then go for it. I brace myself for impact.

For a few moments, I feel so vulnerable that I've allowed people to know a little more about me than I'm usually comfortable sharing. A whirlwind of thoughts start stampeding through my brain:

Do they hate it?
Am I stupid for trying?
Should I give up?

It took me a long time to learn that I'm not for everyone. My writing isn't for everyone. My creations aren't for everyone AND THAT'S OKAY!

It's okay for people to not like me, my writing, my apps, and anything else I create. Getting approval from everyone is an impossible standard that we can never live up to. The important part of sharing your creations is to graciously accept all feedback, reflect, and keep creating.

As far as Goblin goes, I feel like I'm on a good path of finding "my people" that are looking for a bit of extra support, accountability, and whimsy. I've found magic lately in internet communities--I've received a huge amount of support and it feels therapeutic to help other coders/founders that are going through things that I've gone through.

I've spent a lot of time feeling sad about how things are within tech startups and the industry overall, but I'm filled with hope now that I know so many people are out there every day trying to change things.

I'm making the first version of Goblin live for Founding Goblins next week. The app will be in private beta for about a month while I get feedback and add new features.

I'm scared and excited. I'm coding a ton. I'm filled with gratitude.

Regardless of what happens, I'm doing something cool, putting myself out there, and I'll keep learning and iterating. There is no "failure", only personal growth. I got this.

Thank you so much for your support! -Molly