Goblin | making decisions is hard & app updates

Goblin | making decisions is hard & app updates

Hi Goblins,

I hope you're having a good 2023 so far. It still feels like we're still in a liminal space between years and covid strains.

My hope for you this year is that you learn a lot--whether it's learning things about yourself, learning about the world at large, or learning skills that spark fire in your heart. Even if you don't do everything you plan to do or hope to do this year, there's no "wasted" years. You're always learning and changing and becoming more yourself.

I'm proud of you for everything you did last year in 2022.

Making Decisions

Biased Toward Action

I am very biased towards action. I think that is a very startup-y buzzwordy phrase, but it's true. If I think there's a better way to do things and others are open to it, I believe it's best to try it and see if it works and quickly abandon it if it doesn't work. This can cause problems at non-startups, so that's kinda why I have settled into working in the tech startup world.

Being biased towards action at startups is generally a good thing. I get feedback from others, mull over the options, then implement the idea. I re-visit in a couple weeks or a month to see if it's working. If it's not, I delete the feature or change it.

Being biased towards action in the rest of your life can be a mixed bag. I've started and dropped a lot of hobbies, books, jobs, etc. My friends sometimes roll their eyes when I tell them about the new thing I'm doing because they know I might be completely over it in a few weeks. Sometimes with personal issues it is best to wait and do nothing, which can be difficult for me.

Difficulty of Being Decisive

To be biased towards action, you need to be able to make decisions within a reasonable amount of time.

If you're indecisive in general, you may end up in a thought quagmire: reviewing different options, running through outcomes, and looking for issues. This can cause you to spiral and not be able to decide anything.

I'm generally good at being decisive. You kinda have to learn when you're getting into the weeds on things and zoom out to look at the big picture.  You also have to have a certain mindset--for example, if the experiment doesn't work out, it is much better to think "I learned that X doesn't work and now I have a shorter list of things to try" versus "That was a failure and a waste of time".

Being decisive feels a bit like motivation. It's not a constant factor and it can ebb and flow. You can get decision fatigue. You may have other things in your life that are distracting you. You might know the decision you want to make, but not want to deal with the fallout of it.

If you need to make a decision, sometimes it can be good to procrastinate. Go for a walk. Paint something. Call a loved one. Take a nap.

Whatever you decide, just remember that you're doing the best you can with the information you have right now and even if it's a total disaster, you learned something and you'll do better next time.

Best Media I've Consumed Recently

Goblin App Updates

  • Added a new, improved Plan Your Day page and added a "Plan" link in the nav
  • Simplified the dashboard (removed some of the filters and changed how the tasks are displayed)
  • Changed the background on completed tasks and made the text strikethrough so it's easier to tell what's done and what's not
Don't forget you can use your snails to buy a pet on the "Game" page

Screenshots and more details on Changelog

Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate you a ton.

Best, Molly

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