Experiment Check In Email

Experiment Check In Email
Goblin Task: let's be kind to ourselves (pls respond 🙏)
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Molly Retter <molly@goblinte.ch>Thu, Jul 14, 2022 at 2:10 PM
To: Molly Retter <molly@goblinte.ch>
Hello my Experimental Goblins đŸ‘‹,

TLDR: please respond to this email and let me know:
1) how your task is going
2) whether you think you'll finish by EOD on Saturday, July 16th (we can recalibrate if needed)
3) how you've been feeling about the task since you signed up (emotions, vibes, whatever) [OPTIONAL]

I will email you to check in on Saturday evening (EST).


I originally planned to check in about your task on Tuesday, but I became super ill on Tuesday and it persisted on Wednesday (not covid thankfully). In my dehydrated, surreal state I was feeling really bad that I wasn't following up with you promptly re: this experiment.

Let's be kind to ourselves this week.

I got 25% of my task done on Monday and was feeling amazing and on track. That came crashing down and now I'm feeling behind, but you know what? THAT'S OKAY!

We're humans. Stuff happens. We're tired. Kids need help with their homework. A friend calls to catch up. Nothing ever goes as planned.


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Ideas for getting started:
  • Do 1 minute of your task. If you're trying to read more, read 1 page. If you're trying to exercise, put on your shoes and run in place for 1 minute. If you're trying to finish some annoying paperwork, spend 1 minute getting your printer configured.
  • Schedule a phone date with a close friend to work on the task. I like to wear bluetooth headphones and clean while I'm on the phone with my bestie (shoutout to Buddha). 
  • Join Flow Club and schedule a session dedicated to working on your 1 task. "Eat the frog" sessions are perfect for this.
  • Allow yourself a small reward if you finish half of the task (e.g. bubble bath and face mask or allow yourself to order a hobby item).
  • Go grab a piece of paper now and journal for a bit about the task.
Feedback on the experiment I've gotten so far (that makes my heart sing):
  • "Just wanted to tell you that I accomplished another thing I didn't want to do lol. Wanted to say that meeting some goals helps you meet others."
  • "I can't wait for the feeling I’ll get when I accomplish this goal!"
  • "Sooo I somewhat finished my task! And it was simpler than I thought."

Feel free to email me if you need help getting started or if you're feeling guilty. I'm your Hype Goblin for this task, at your service! đŸ˜‚

I believe in you and I think there's a reason you chose this task. You're going to feel great even if you don't completely finish it.

Let's do this!


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Post-P.S. Haiku for reading this far:
Made a plan
This task drags me down
I'll finish it