Goblin MVP Summary

Goblin MVP Summary

North Star

Make your life easier and more joyful.


  • To do lists can be a drag and often don’t address important things in your life like maintaining friendships, making progress on personal goals, and doing things that spark joy
  • You shouldn’t feel guilty when you play video games, watch TV, or read instead of doing stuff on your to do list.
  • We’re all different and have different problems with productivity and our journeys, so productivity app will be stickier if it looks at your specific problems and tries to help you with them over time.

Important Values

  • Celebrate small wins
  • Reflect
  • Make progress towards big goals
  • Feel like you’re moving forward in life while also savoring what’s good now
  • Being kind to yourself and improving your life slowly and intentionally over time

Summary of Workflow

Goblin MVP is a gamified productivity app to help make your life easier and spark joy.

  1. you sign up, meet your hype goblin (think if Clippy was a cute goblin grandma), and answer some questions about your priorities, dreams, and issues you tend to have with getting things done
  2. you set a "mission" with 3-4 tasks: 1) something that sparks joy like painting, fishing, playing video games, walking in nature, reading a book, quality time with a loved one, 2) something that helps you grow, challenges you, and is kinda hard (e.g. take a SQL class online, make a plan to improve your relationship with a loved one, start thinking about your health journey), 3) a life admin task like pay your water bill (but the app will encourage you to automate things and simplify them), 4) a work/school task you wanna get done
  3. you get daily support from your hype goblin that's customized based on problems you have like procrastination, lack of motivation, etc. Each day you can do a quick reflection that becomes part of your mission logs and helps your hype goblin guide you in the future. The mission logs help you see your progress in different areas of your lives and learn from your past.
  4. once you finish the mission, you level up and it suggests a new mission based on the reflections/insights you gave during your last mission.

Get your to do list done, but also make sure you're taking care of your soul, making progress in your personal journey, and having fun.

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