Goblin App: Pet moths and why we create things

Goblin App: Pet moths and why we create things
I chose moth!

Hi Goblins!

Did you hear that Goblin Mode was named the "word of the year" by Oxford Dictionary? The name "Goblin Tech" was originally supposed to be a placeholder for my company, but the more I started to use it the more it felt right. It's the perfect marriage of fantasy, whimsy, and zeitgeist.

Goblin App Updates

  • Much better odds of getting snails on the Daily Mini Game (the people demand more šŸŒs).
  • New "Game" link in the nav that takes you to the game page where you can: 1) play the Daily Mini Game, 2) exchange 7 snails for a pet moth, frog, or rabbit, and 3) see all the Treasures you've earned
  • Once you purchase a pet with snails, it will appear on the dashboard on the left above your last treasure
  • New privacy policy and terms of service dated December 15, 2022 are in the footer on every page

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The struggles and heart fire of being a creator

Have you ever been stuck on a problem for hours or days and then you were struck by sudden inspiration and the solution was apparent?

Have you ever had writers block, then one day the words flowed through you and spilled out on the page?

Have you ever been at a live concert or art show admiring someone else's creative genius and it lit a creative fire inside of you?

If it was always easy to create things, we would lose the joy of struggling through it and eventually figuring it out. There's something magical in making something from nothing, persisting through the difficulty, then seeing it to completion.

There's a special pride in writing a song, finishing a short story, coding a new feature, or making something with your hands.

We don't create because it is easy. We do it because there's a fire in our hearts that we want to share with others.

Sharing it can be disasterous. We feel vulnerable. We are sometimes criticized. We may feel misunderstood if our work ends up evoking something other than what we intended.

We keep creating. We persist. We keep trying to break through the barrier between us and others and form a connection. We find new ways to create. We become more resilient through the struggles.

Creating things and sharing them is hard, but inch by inch we begin to feel a bit more understood, a bit more connected to the world, and a little more ourselves.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting Goblin App. I truly appreciate you.

I hope that we can all go into 2023 with an open heart and a curious mind.

-Molly Retter, Vision and Decision Goblin

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